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Our initiative

We offer many educational programs in the technology field for societal contribution and humanitarian work led by the Helper Robot team, and a number of volunteers, engineers, students, and robotics camp graduates participate in this empowerment. The team also develops technologies for an automated robot device, to empower and improve our society. We enable the first community service in Empowering the blind and developing specialized technologies to help them

Praying Hands

Volunteer and initiative

Startup Development Team

Empowerment and development

Fixing a Smartphone

Manufacturing technical devices

School Bus & Children

Educational trips

Contribute & donate

For those want to donate &contribute to empowering their communities, contact us and press the Donate button below with any amount of money. For donors with amounts above 10,000 SR, they will be invited as guests of honor and given the Community Service Medal and mention their names in our official accounts.

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For donations and assistance, contact us at


Apply as a volunteer

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Thank you we receive your application

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